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Henry Kaskov

, founder of Kaskov Valuations, Inc., works with small and mid-sized businesses and their owners providing business valuations and financial consulting services. Henry has over a dozen years of experience performing intellectual property and business valuations for succession and transition planning, mergers & acquisitions, estate and gift tax planning and reporting, ESOPs, marital and corporate dissolution and disputes, commercial economic damages, and general financial consulting for clients across the U.S. and around the world.

Recent Articles by Henry Kaskov

How Will the $2.18 Billion Verdict in VLSI Technologies v. Intel Impact Future Patent Valuations?

VLSI Technology, originally an integrated circuit manufacturer in the 1990s, is today a non-practicing, patent-owning entity, an affiliate of Fortress Investment Group. VLSI no longer makes or sells any products, but in 2019 it became the owner of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,523,373 and 7,725,759. Each of these patents relates to increasing the power and speed of computer processors. VLSI sued Intel, claiming that almost 1 billion microchips sold by Intel infringed VLSI’s patents. The jury ultimately agreed, entering a verdict of $2.18 billion dollars for VLSI. In simple terms, this amounted to an award of approximately $2 per chip (on a chip that likely is sold for $200 or less per chip based on third-party estimates).