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Ian Johnson

is the Head of IP Legal at CPA Global. He is responsible for providing counsel, research and management of IP matters at CPA Global, including its renewals system and software products. He and his team work with colleagues at every level across the company with a particular emphasis on operations. A European patent attorney with extensive experience in the standardization, innovation management and software fields, his team at CPA Global includes patent and trade mark attorneys, IP professionals and specialists. He joined CPA Global in 2014, having previously worked in law firms where he had a particular interest in supporting IPMS and renewal software and in the corporate sector where he worked in the telecoms, defense, automotive and professional audio industries.

Recent Articles by Ian Johnson

What makes a good IP renewals provider?

IP portfolios are business assets. The payment of patent annuities is an important part of ensuring a valuable IP portfolio is primed for monetisation. Efficient IP management demands lots of time, attention and cost – particularly if portfolios are directly managed by patent offices around the world. Many patent holders elect external IP renewals teams to carry the administration, manage patent renewals and offer insight into which patents should be abandoned.