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Jason Perilla

In his practice as a Registered Patent Attorney, Jason’s experience includes the preparation and prosecution of patent applications in various fields, including transmitters and receivers, video processors, software, semiconductor design and manufacturing, medical instruments, power systems, software, and business methods, among others. In his practice before the U.S. Patent Office, Jason’s experience includes Re-examination and Inter Partes Review trial proceedings.

Recent Articles by Jason Perilla

The Dynamics of Patentability Beyond §§ 102 and 103

It is the personal relationships and dynamics between those junior and senior examiners where the final, hidden gate to patentability stands. Between them, the junior examiners perform the heavy lifting of searching the prior art and preparing the official actions, and the more senior examiners carry the burden of signing those official actions and allowing applications to grant… To be effective, patent practitioners can do more than narrowly obsess over a single novel and non-obvious element in the claims… Patent practitioners can provide junior examiners with an “elevator pitch” for allowability. They can arm junior examiners with technically clear and concise arguments that are fast to recount and express.

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FREE CLE: Leveraging Active Voice in Patent Claims

July 21, 2020 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EDT