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Jay Sharma

is a client relationship manager for Citius Minds Consulting LLP, located in Chicago, Illinois. He has worked professionally as a technical consultant for more than a decade for several patent litigations. He loves writing about technologies and has several articles published on his company’s blog. His firm, Citius Minds, is a leading technical consulting firm assisting top law firms of the United States in conducting technical analysis on the patents involved in the litigation. Some of the services offered by Citius Minds is Source Code Review, Product Teardowns, Prior Art Search, Infringement and Invalidity Contentions drafting etc.

Recent Articles by Jay Sharma

Microsoft HoloLens: Will Gamble on Holographic Technology Pay?

Microsoft enters the marketplace with its futuristic mixed reality headset — HoloLens — which on a first glance looks like a Gadget straight out of a Bond movie. When most tech companies are focusing on developing a Virtual reality headset, Microsoft plans development of its augmented reality headset with holographic technology. Microsoft foresees future in controlling computing devices with different user interfaces such as gesture, eyes gaze, and voice. Letting the user bridge the screen and physical space and extend the reality around them is Microsoft’s answer to several business insufficiencies.

How Bitcoin Became a Game Changer Overnight

Bitcoin was touted as the world’s first decentralized digital currency. It basically is a cryptocurrency which uses peer-to-peer technology to provide payment network gateway. Bitcoin is deliberately designed for public use by making it an open-source. Therefore, nobody owns or governs or control Bitcoin and everyone can be a part of it. Bitcoin financial infrastructure follows decentralized and automated systems which overcome the inefficiency of the traditional financial system. The unique feature of Bitcoin is that no one can block you from transferring money from anywhere in this world. Further, this makes whole transaction process irreversible. These transactions are recorded in a public distribution ledger called a blockchain.