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Jeb Bush

Elected Governor of the State of Florida in 1998, John Ellis Bush, known simply as Jeb Bush, is heir to a political dynasty. His father, George H.W. Bush served as the 41st President of the United States, and his older brother George W. Bush served as the 43rd President of the United States.

Jeb Bush (R-FL) grew up in Houston, Texas. He made his first run for political office in Florida during the historic 1994 election, which swept Republicans to power virtually everywhere. Bush lost this election. He would run again for the office four years later and prevail, going on to serve two terms as Governor of Florida.

While Bush was Governor of Florida he cut taxes every year, he cut the State workforce by 13,000 workers, and vetoed over 2,500 line items from the State’s budget. During his tenure the private sector created 1.3 million new jobs in Florida, and 80,000 new businesses started. The Florida rainy day fund expanded from $1 billion to nearly $10 billion. Merit pay for teachers was adopted and charter schools were created.

It has been surprising that Bush’s record as Governor has not created more interest in Republican primary voters. By many estimates, if Bush were from any other family he would be doing much better in the polls. To his credit he does not run from his name or criticize his father and brother, saying only that he loves his family.

On the issues

Bush promises to cut individual tax rates from seven brackets to three: 28%, 25% and 10%. He also pledges to end the practice of worldwide taxation on U.S. businesses, which has fostered a tax avoidance strategy called corporate “inversions.” Bush also says that he will take greater control of the regulatory process, and repeal or reform the most onerous Obama regulations, including Dodd-Frank and Net Neutrality, among others. Bush promises to defeat ISIS, rebuild the military and enhance U.S. capabilities to deter and respond to cyberattacks.

It does not seem that Bush has taken any positions relating to patents, although he has taken some positions on intellectual property and technology topics. His campaign website says: “We must also hold to account those who are stealing our nation’s intellectual capital.” Bush would also prefer the U.S. to maintain oversight of the Internet Corporation for Assignment of Names and Numbers (ICANN), which manages the Internet’s domain name system. Bush also wants to give the Federal Bureau of Investigation more resources to fight cybercrime.

In terms of energy policy, in addition to removing regulatory restrictions and approving the Keystone pipeline, Bush supports additional funding for basic research into the discovery of game changing technologies, saying, “world-class research contributes to jobs and technological advances that can improve everyone’s quality of life.”