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Jessica Colantonio, PhD

is an attorney with Wolf Greenfield. Dr. Colantonio assists the firm in biotechnology patent prosecution matters including application drafting, U.S. and foreign patent prosecution, and clearance and patentability studies. Her areas of scientific expertise include protein and peptide biologics and analytics, antibody technologies, nucleic acid therapeutics, vaccine technology, gene therapies, and protein replacement therapies. For more information, or to contact Dr. Colantonio, please visit her firm profile page.

Recent Articles by Jessica Colantonio, PhD

USPTO Provides Updates to Patent Subject Matter Eligibility Guidance

On its face, the new guidance seems to urge examiners to develop well-reasoned, substantive rejections rather than conclusory rejections which provide little basis for applicants to advance applications toward allowance, particularly in the complex areas of vaccines, diagnostics, methods of treatment, and screening for genetic alterations, where the new examples are focused. Furthermore, compared with prior guidance, the new examples include more claims that are considered patent eligible subject matter. Some observers believe this may be an effort by the patent office to dispel hesitation that examiners have apparently had in drawing conclusions of patent eligibility when examining claims.