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Jonathan Emmanuel

is a Partner at Bird & Bird LLP with a particular interest in the FinTech sector. He specializes in commercial and outsourcing agreements with an emphasis on the financial services, technology, communications and energy and utilities sectors. Jonny has enjoyed a high degree of responsibility, including advising suppliers and customers in negotiating large and complex outsourcing projects, drafting and negotiating distribution/agency terms and conditions and negotiating various IT contracts including software licensing, maintenance, development and systems integration contracts. He has accordingly developed excellent knowledge and organizational and management skills.

Recent Articles by Jonathan Emmanuel

What’s the big deal: Big data in the financial services sector

Customers, myself included, are used to the customer-centric technologies experienced in other ‘digitized’ sectors like publishing or music – these have had to adapt to the digital revolution early. Customers now want that experience replicated in the FS sector. Banks, for example, are beginning to take notice, investing significant amounts of money in IT upgrades: Australia’s Commonwealth Bank invested over AUD $1.1 billion in an end-to-end IT transformation project to replace its aging core banking system and Barclays has been promoting customer-centric technologies like the mobile payments app PingIt for many years.