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Josh Sloat

Executive Technology Advisor

Aurora Consulting

Josh Sloat serves as an Executive Technology Advisor with Aurora Consulting and provides consultation for patents in the software, information technology and telecommunications spaces. With over 15 years of engineering experience in mobile, web and desktop software and 20 years in the broader space of information technology, Josh brings a tremendous breadth of knowledge and insight to strategy development.

As CTO and head of product, Josh ran and transformed the entire product and tech arm of Axios. As the Senior Director of Mobile for Axios, Josh led new efforts in developing native reading and contributing tools for iOS and Android devices. Formerly, as a principal engineer with Articulate Global, Josh architected and lead the development of highly immersive, e-learning authoring tools for iOS and macOS. Previously, as a lead engineer with Thomson Reuters, Josh was responsible for the design and development of several award-winning mobile apps and played a significant role in the development of many industry-standard finance, tax and accounting-based Windows desktop applications. As a web developer with Version One and JCS Solutions, Josh helped to create, host and maintain several high-profile e-commerce sites. Prior to his focus on software, Josh held several positions with broadcast, utility and telecommunications companies that allowed him to dive deeply into network design and infrastructure, structured cabling and information technology operations.

Recent Articles by Josh Sloat

Patently Strategic Podcast: Prenuptial Patenting

You have your big idea and now it’s time to breathe it into existence, but you need some help with the development. Like many others, you may turn to the aid of an engineering firm or dev shop. This relationship is a marriage of sorts. But it’s a marriage that is designed to inevitably end in divorce. How cleanly, smoothly, and successfully this separation goes depends on the steps that you take before it officially begins. The end goals are a great product and clean asset separation. You’ll want your IP and any newly created devices, infrastructure, etc. – and the engineering firm will want to not be inhibited from doing their job with other clients going forward.

Patently Strategic Podcast: Fortifying Life Science Patents

The life sciences are currently facing at least two major plagues in our patent world. The first is that many life science innovations have been deemed ineligible in terms of patentable subject matter. In other words, the courts and the patent office believe that the patent laws are not meant to protect these innovations. The second plague is that the courts believe that many life science patents are not enabled. In other words, they are not described in sufficient detail to enable one of skill in the art to make and use the invention.

Patently Strategic Podcast: Into the Patentverse

“Metaverse” is the buzziest of the buzzwords in tech and will soon be joining the ranks of “AI” and “ML” as requisite keywords in the next generation of pitch decks and patent applications. But what are the core components of the Metaverse? And what are their implications in the world of intellectual property? The Patently Strategic Podcast will be exploring this topic over the course of several upcoming episodes.