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Joshua Wolson

is a partner in the litigation department of Dilworth Paxson. His practice focuses on complex commercial litigation, including antitrust, intellectual property, RICO and other business torts, and commercial contract disputes. Josh’s litigation experience covers a wide range of industries and practices, including credit card issuers, pharmaceutical companies, professional societies and trade associations, entertainment companies, professional sports leagues, newspapers, television and radio station owners and networks, non-profits, and technology startups. You can follow him on Twitter (@jdwolson) or connect to him on LinkedIn (Joshua Wolson). His full biography is available Here.

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Will the Supreme Court Save Apple from Itself?

The victory, if it stands, will encourage more design patent infringement claims, and Apple will likely find itself defending against similar suits in the not so distant future. On December 14, Samsung filed a petition asking the Supreme Court to hear an appeal in the case. Given the economics of future litigation, Apple might quietly hope that the Court takes the opportunity to articulate the appropriate standard for awarding total profit damages for infringement.