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Katie Allgood

is currently completing her Juris Doctorate in the Intellectual Property Law program at the University of New Hampshire Franklin Pierce School of Law. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and History and a Master of Public Policy and Administration, both from Baylor University. Katie has a background in public management, project management, and non-profit.

Recent Articles by Katie Allgood

Updates to Olympic Charter Rule 40: Impact of Name, Image, Likeness Changes for Tokyo Games

“Name, Image, Likeness” rights, the term commonly used to designate rights covered under right of publicity law, has been a popular and trending term thus far in 2021, and a hotly debated topic in the world of sports. With the Supreme Court’s ruling in NCAA v. Alston, multiple states enacting Name, Image, Likeness statutes, and the recent decision by the NCAA to suspend all Name, Image, Likeness rules for incoming and current athletes, this year is promising to reshape the advertising and sponsorship landscape for current U.S. college athletes and recruits. However, the controversies surrounding this subsection of intellectual property (IP) Law are not new to sports, and they are not unique to college athletes. For years, Olympic athletes have fought against Name, Image, Likeness restrictions set forth in the Olympic Charter and imposed by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).