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Kevin Nelson

has focused on driving strategic initiatives, implementing business efficiency improvements, increasing profitability, integrating international teams and creating talent-retaining environments for translation providers and other global enterprises. Before joining MultiLing, Nelson served in a variety of
upper-management positions at OmniLingua. He graduated magna cum laude international commerce and Japanese from Brigham Young University in 1993. Kevin is a native English speaker and is also fluent in Japanese.

Recent Articles by Kevin Nelson

Terminology Management: Ensuring a Consistent Brand When Protecting IP Overseas

A North American fondue restaurant franchise found out just how essential terminology management can be when it expanded into Mexico in 2010. A translation service provider previously translated its kitchen training materials into Spanish, specifically for the restaurant’s Spanish-speaking employees in the United States who originally came from various Latin American countries. Company executives thought the Spanish they were currently using would be sufficient for the menu and other materials to be used in Mexico. When the Mexican franchise owners visited the company’s U.S. headquarters, it quickly became clear that one dialect of Spanish is not always the same as another. Different countries have their own dialect with words and phrases unique to each culture.