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Kyra Dhawan

was an intern at Davé Law Group. Kyra has been instrumental in leading and successfully running ‘The Innovator’s Think Tank’ club for the Robert Frost Middle School students. She is particularly interested in intellectual property. With interests in sustainability, energy, and global warming, she is presently working on a couple of patentable ideas.

Recent Articles by Kyra Dhawan

USPTO’s Patent Quality and Pendency Programs are Bearing Fruit

According to Strategic Goal 1 of the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s (USPTO’s) FY2020 Performance and Accountability Report (PAR), the USPTO is committed to high-quality patent examination in a timely manner. From submission to approval, the USPTO has established groundbreaking quality assurance programs, metrics, and training programs. It has also established IT modernization programs to improve the overall quality of the office’s work products and processes. These steps have made it possible for the agency to introduce new programs to significantly reduce pendency. A high-quality patent must adhere to the requirements of Title 35, and to the corresponding and applicable case law. To monitor and drive quality, the Office has been conducting both internal and external stakeholder perception surveys semiannually since 2006. In response to stakeholder feedback, the USPTO is providing detailed data at the technology center level, including filings, pendency, staffing, productivity, and inventory levels.