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Lydia Malone

is a student at Liberty University (online) pursuing studies in public policy and is an intern with US Inventor. She recently moved with the Malone family from Texas to Alexandria, Virginia to carry out the mission of US Inventor. She is the daughter of Josh Malone, the inventor of Bunch O Balloons. Since the invention took off, Lydia and her family have been immersed in the world of innovation, patents, and politics.

Recent Articles by Lydia Malone

Were the Wright Brothers Patent Trolls? One View of R Street Institute’s Capitol Hill Panel on Patents

On Tuesday, I attended a panel discussion on the National Security Implications of Patents along with my siblings, Madeline and Gideon Malone, and we were informed that inventors like the Wright brothers pose a threat to innovation. We were joined by approximately 50 attendees at the Capitol event moderated by Charles Duan from R Street Institute, along with panelists Abby Rives from Engine, Daniel Takash from Niskanen Center, and Ian Wallace from New America. They argued that patents harm innovation, and government subsidies are a better alternative to incentivize innovation. In order for R Street (a free-market think tank) to justify these blatantly anti-free-market claims, they focused on the problems with “bad patents” and how patent monopolies prevent competition. To top it all off, their example of a “bad patent” was the one granted to the Wright brothers, which the panelists felt unreasonably excluded their competitors from making improved versions of their airplane.