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Maria del Pilar Troncoso

is the President of the Inter-American Association of Intellectual Property – ASIPI and a partner with Troncoso Leroux. Maria published articles on topics of Industrial Property including “Trade Name and Company Name: Defense of Difference”, “Protection of Plant Varieties,” “The Bad Faith in Conflict Trademark”.

Recent Articles by Maria del Pilar Troncoso

Governments banning use of brands is a troublesome trend

We understand governments have a responsibility to protect the health of their citizens and therefore, should regulate harmful products. However, there is no compelling evidence that restricting the use of brands will improve public health… The standardized packaging of tobacco products also sets a dangerous precedent for other goods and services, including alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, snack foods, fast foods and even baby formula, a number of which are already being targeted with severe packaging restrictions, including tobacco style plain packaging.