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Michael Salzman

is a Partner at Hughes Hubbard & Reed and serves as the firm’s General Counsel. Michael is active in the firm’s antitrust, art law, and copyright practices. In the antitrust arena, he has extensive experience with merger clearance in a wide variety of industries, and with respect to the treatment of intellectual property, including especially copyrights and IP pools under antitrust law. He also has extensively litigated virtually every aspect of art law, including attribution, authenticity, title, secured transaction, consignment, auction, dealer issues, and restitution of looted and stolen property, including Nazi-era claims.

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Recent Articles by Michael Salzman

Qualcomm’s Antitrust War and The Patent Licensing Issues

Even at ground level, where American courts in San Diego and San Jose are now being called on to apply the law laid out in prior court decisions to the particular facts of the smartphone chip market, the multipronged attack on Qualcomm’s patent licensing practices offers an unusually rich platter of meaty issues to feast upon for those who advise patent licensors and licensees. Leaving aside the implications for the smartphone industry and the market for cellular baseband processors that Qualcomm now dominates, the new precedents that will be set in court—if the parties don’t settle or a Republican-controlled FTC doesn’t withdraw its case—will have broad and deep implications for patent owners and users—much as the US v. Microsoft case has had since it was decided almost two decades ago.