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Nicholas Jackson

is a senior managing associate at Dentons. He has extensive experience enforcing patent rights and defending patent infringement claims in a variety of technology areas, including medical devices, wearable technology, consumer products, cellular telephones, consumer appliances, cloud computing, naval architecture, and mechanical devices before the International Trade Commission (ITC), in federal district courts and in the US Court of Federal Claims.

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Recent Articles by Nicholas Jackson

In Travel Sentry v. Tropp, CAFC recognizes broad scope of attribution under doctrine of divided infringement

The central issue before the Federal Circuit was whether there was a genuine issue of material fact that TSA’s performance of those steps could be attributed to Travel Sentry, such that Travel Sentry could be held singularly responsible for directly infringing Tropp’s method claims. Slip Op. at 13. The district court had answered this question in the negative… The Federal Circuit rejected the district court’s interpretation of divided infringement as too narrow and, accordingly, vacated its summary judgment of non-infringement.