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Olga Kreshchenko

is an Associate, IP Specialist in Synergy IP Law Agency. She specializes in IP prosecution in Ukraine and other countries. She has authored numerous publications on intellectual property rights in professional and business Ukrainian editions.

Recent Articles by Olga Kreshchenko

Protection of Official Names of States and Prevention of their Registration and Use as Trademarks

Protection of the official names of States and prevention of their registration and use as trademarks have been the focus of attention of the Standing Committee on the Law of Trademarks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications at the World Intellectual Property Organization (the “SCT”) for over six years (since June 2009). Each of the WIPO Member States has both its own national procedures with their peculiarities and some coinciding positions on the subject. Generally speaking, when performing the examination, the competent national authority examines the sign applied for registration as a trademark and consisting of or containing the name of a State in light of formal and substantive legal requirements, like any other sign.