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Paul Bremmer

is a research analyst at PatSnap focused on innovation trends across industries and is an advocate for business intelligence via patent analysis. Paul is an experienced analyst with more than 6 years’ experience producing patent analysis reports, market reports, and custom research and consultancy for a broad range of clients. Paul aims to demonstrate how using patent data can empower senior business leaders to accelerate growth through innovation and R&D. Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the University of Exeter.

Recent Articles by Paul Bremmer

As cannabis patent filings increase, are food and beverage companies positioned to benefit?

Early protection of intellectual property rights is a critical component in any business’ efforts to secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace. A recent report has found that patenting activity for cannabis food and drink has seen a large increase in global activity, in the last five years. 242 simple patent families have been filed in 2015, up from only 144 simple patent families filed in 2012. However, not a single food and beverage company was found to be among the top 10 applicants. Is this a sign that food and beverage companies are not well positioned to benefit from ongoing cannabis legalisation?