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Paulo Armando Innocente

graduated Law School at Rio de Janeiro Federal University, with Postgraduate degree in Civil Proceedings Law from the School of Magistrates of the State of Rio de Janeiro – EMERJ. He also took the basic training course in Industrial Property, from which he graduated in 2013, and the Advanced Course in International Treaties in Intellectual Property offered by the Brazilian Association of Industrial Property Agents – ABAPI, from which he graduated in 2015. Paulo started getting involved in Intellectual Property matters in the beginning of 2011, having practiced IP litigation and trademark prosecution.

Recent Articles by Paulo Armando Innocente

Five Must-Have Tips for Expediting Trademark Lawsuits in Brazil

Civil processes and procedures in the Brazilian Courts have been increasingly expedited due to the digitalization of case files and the assignment of courts specialized in specific matters (for instance, in corporate and intellectual property law). But the timeframe for judicial disputes involving IP rights in Brazil can be expedited even more for foreign companies by complying with the following procedural requirements.