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Peter Harter

Founder, The Farrington Group

Peter Harter bridges the ecosystems of technology, business, law, venture finance and politics. He provides advice to management, boards and investors on the risks of legislation, regulation, court cases, media, standards, treaties, political campaigns, capital, property and labor. Subject areas of expertise include patents, copyrights, open source, cybersecurity, export controls, voting, antitrust, nuclear energy, big data, and medical research reform. Peter’s career began in 1993 as an Internet lawyer. He broadened in Silicon Valley as head of global government affairs for Netscape and EMusic.com and in business development and sales for Securify. He deepened his experience in policy in Washington, DC, lobbying on patent reform for Intellectual Ventures. Peter is a graduate of Lehigh University and Villanova Law School. He resides in Sonoma County, California, where his wife is a wine maker.

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