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Purva Sharma

works with leading counsel and corporations on identifying licensing opportunities to sharply realize business value. She specializes in analyzing patents and products in consumer electronics, software and telecommunications industry. She and her team at Copperpod IP are passionate about helping attorneys conduct technical investigation of products and improve results of licensing and litigation campaigns.

Recent Articles by Purva Sharma

Nokia, Apple drag the world back to patent war

Being targeted by PAEs is nothing new for Apple — but in an anti-trust complaint dated December 20, 2016, Apple finally said enough was enough. Pulling no punches, Apple accused the PAEs of “conspiring with Nokia in a scheme to diffuse and abuse [standard essential patents] and, as the PAEs and Nokia fully intended, monetize those false promises by extracting exorbitant non-FRAND royalties in way Nokia could not”. Using PAEs for direct attacks against Apple would be a smart, albeit sneaky, strategy for Nokia. Since PAEs do not themselves sell any products, there would be little risk of a countersuit from Apple – as well as a general lack of commitment to FRAND licensing terms that spell lower royalties.