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Rand Paul

Elected to the United States Senate in 2010, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has been an outspoken advocate for constitutional liberties and fiscal responsibility. An opponent of government overreach, Paul fights to return government to its limited, constitutional scope.

Paul is new to politics, having spent his career in the private sector as a physician, not a career politician.

Paul graduated from Duke Medical School in 1988 and completed a general surgery internship at Georgia Baptist Medical Center in Atlanta. He completed his residency in ophthalmology at Duke University Medical Center, after which he moved to Bowling Green, Kentucky to start his family and begin his ophthalmology practice. Paul went on to own his own ophthalmology practice and performed eye surgery for 18 years.
In 1995, Paul founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic, an organization that provides eye exams and surgery to needy families and individuals. Even today while a U.S. Senator, Paul continues to perform pro-bono eye surgeries for patients across Kentucky. He also provides free eye surgery to children around the world through his participation in the Children of the Americas Program. Indeed, he recently traveled to Guatemala on a medical mission with the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center. During the week he spent on this medical mission over 200 patients, many of them blind with cataracts, had their vision restored by Paul.

Paul has been married for 25 years to Kelley Ashby Paul of Russellville, Ky., and they have three sons together: William, 22; Duncan, 19; and Robert, 16. He regularly volunteered to coach teams for each of his three sons in Little League baseball, soccer, and basketball. Dr. Paul and Kelley are both devout Christians and are active in their local church.

On the issues

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) describes himself as 100% pro-life, believing that life begins at conception and that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. He believes that the U.S. needs energy security, must have a balanced budget, and that reforms to the tax code are long overdue. He says that many in Washington pay lip service to the Second Amendment, but then vote to restrict gun ownership; he believes law-abiding citizens who want to own guns should be able to own guns. Paul is in favor of term limits and is against government encroachment into healthcare.

On patents, technology and innovation, it is hard to find information about what Paul thinks. In an 2014 interview with Tech Crunch, Paul acknowledged that some Libertarians think patents should not exist, but went on to say: “I think there out to be protection for intellectual property.”