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Roger Bodamer

Co-Founder/CTO/COO; Archipelago Analytics

Roger is a serial entrepreneur focusing on artificial intelligence, machine learning, and database architectures. Currently he is using machine learning for digesting legal documentation and assessing large-scale risks. Roger got his start early on at Oracle as an engineer in core database technologies, and has been on the leadership team at companies like Apple, OuterBay (acquired by Hewlett Packard) and Efficient Frontier (acquired by Adobe) and MongoDB (which IPO’d in 2017). He is the founder of three companies, including UpThere, which was recently acquired by Western Digital. Roger boasts over 10 patents and serves as an expert witness in IP disputes. Roger holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Saxion University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) and is currently Founder/CTO/COO of Archipelago Analytics.

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