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Ryan E. Hatch

is an attorney licensed to practice law in California and in Federal Courts throughout the United States. His practice focuses on intellectual property litigation and counseling, with an emphasis on patent, copyright, and trademark litigation. He also practices in the areas of civil litigation and entertainment law, in both State and Federal Court.

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Supreme Court hears Oral Arguments in TC Heartland v. Kraft Foods

Justices Kagan and Ginsburg seemed skeptical. Indeed, Congress has already passed a general venue statute that defined residency “for all venue places – all venue purposes,” as Justice Ginsburg put it. Justice Kagan chimed in, questioning the propriety of overturning the broader rule, which she called “the decision that the practice has conformed to” and the “practical backdrop” against which Congress was legislating. Next, Justice Breyer noted the many arguments and briefs discussing the Eastern District of Texas, but which he felt were not relevant.