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Sabina Brufani

is a senior IP strategist with expertise in fostering IP licensing deals, IP monetization programs and patent pools formation. She recently founded IP.Valora, a new company dedicated to assisting companies around the world in leveraging intellectual property strategies into innovation success, identifying synergies and facilitating connections between patent owners and licensing administrators. She has been instrumental to large IP transactions, including the facilitation of the LTE patent pool, the 802.11 Wi-fi joint licensing program and the acquisition of other important portfolios. She collaborated for many years with Sisvel, a worldwide leader in fostering innovation and IP licensing programs, where she coordinated business development projects. Her technical background includes a master’s degree in aerospace engineering and the opportunity to join a team of engineers that designed and launched the small satellite MITA. It was her work in the aerospace sector that prompted her move into the area of Intellectual Property.

Recent Articles by Sabina Brufani

Innovation is a Terrible Thing To Waste

Given the complexity of many technologies, the rapidly changing nature of global markets, and the legal complexities in establishing worldwide licensing programs, it should come as no surprise that IP licensing offers benefits. When this work succeeds, everyone benefits – from innovators and IP owners to the general population as companies around the world gain greater access to new and improved technologies. To avoid missing out on the tremendous rewards and benefits of innovation, we must take full advantage of R&D’s potential in the complex and fast-paced markets of today that offer up opportunities to aggregate and license technologies in new sectors, geographical areas and markets.