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Shelley Thomas

is a member at Bass, Berry & Sims in Nashville, Tennessee. She counsels clients related to the development, commercialization, transfer and protection of intellectual property assets. She frequently performs technology and intellectual property due diligence in mergers and acquisitions and evaluates intellectual property in support of intellectual capital management.

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Recent Articles by Shelley Thomas

How Intellectual Property Informs the Investment in a Private Equity Transaction

Technology and intellectual property (IP) have become vital components to virtually every business in all industries as they often drive the value and efficiencies of a business and enable companies to monetize their products and services. In order to capitalize on this trend, private equity (PE) investors are making significant investments in companies focused on developing and commercializing IP. In 2017, a record number of PE deals were IP and technology focused, ranging from consumer-facing companies with valuations driven by trademark portfolios and brand awareness, to cloud platform and biotech companies with significant patent portfolios and research and development efforts. According to analysts of PE deal-trends, this wave of IP-centric PE transactions has continued and will continue to grow during 2018.