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Shikhar Sahni

is a Group Manager in GreyB (An IP consultancy which assists law firms and corporate companies in their IP life cycle challenges/ mandates at various stages on a business and strategic level through technical searches and analytics on patent data.) He heads an operation team involved in various IP consulting services. His expertise as an IP professional lies in patent strategy and technology consulting. He has worked with some of the fortune 500 companies, universities and individual inventors in variety of IP projects. He is specialized in IP acquisition and monetization services, patent analytics like landscape, portfolio and competitive analysis and prior art searches.

Recent Articles by Shikhar Sahni

How to Get Broader and Good Quality Patents

Patents, for a long while, have been an integral part of business development strategy. Companies like ARM and Qualcomm, for example, have built their business around patents which constitute a major part of their revenue. And the quality of their patents, for sure, is playing a key role in it.