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Subodh Thali

serves as Vice President, Search & Analytics at CPA Global and has 14 years of experience in IP, during which, he has supported clients on multiple strategic requirements. His experience extends over multiple phases of the IP life cycle which include supporting R&D strategy, patent prosecution, due diligence, litigation and monetization. Recently, Subodh has been focused on providing our clients with comprehensive support on identification and analysis of patents essential to technical standards. He has also been a prominent speaker in IP conferences, seminars and workshops. Subodh holds a Masters’ degree in Telecommunications from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia and a Bachelors’ degree in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering from Goa University, India.

Recent Articles by Subodh Thali

The New Standard: Licensing Scenarios and Patented Technologies Relevant to Versatile Video Coding

Versatile video coding (VVC), also known as Future Video Coding (FVC) or H.266, is a video compression standard that was released on July 6 and is being positioned as the successor to High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC or H.265). CPA Global has reviewed the key aspects of the standard and factors which could impact its licensing and adoption and we have identified and analyzed the key patented technologies that have a possibility of being relevant to the VVC standard. The standard was in the process of being finalized at the time we conducted our analysis and we have therefore referred to Draft 8 of VVC, which was approved by JVET in the Brussels meeting from January 7-17, 2020.