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Tesia Thomas

is a young inventor and activist who is fed up with government and corporate doublethink and hypocrisy related to renewing manufacturing in America, inspiring females and minorities to innovate, and otherwise saying and not doing. She plans to keep the ‘groundbreaking garage inventor’ persona alive for another generation despite government, corporate, and academic desires to quell it as a myth and crush indie inventors with asinine laws and outright corruption. She is the founder of Zipr Shift (ziprshift.com) and creator of the third zipper ever – the exact closure technology that the military has been looking for since the end of WWII in order to seal chem/bio gear. As such, Tesia strives to tackle problems many decades older than her and might continue to reveal her solutions so long as US patent laws are strengthened to adequately protect those solutions as her private property.

Recent Articles by Tesia Thomas

Indie Innovators Still Exist, Barely

Maybe I and none of my generation will make it into the USPTO Hall of Fame because none of us will have valid patents, valid inventions. Maybe none of my generation will thus be independent inventors. Maybe the Independent Inventor career is over… I just want you to know that you’d be killing the future because I won’t invent in the US anymore if my current patents are issued and subsequently invalidated and those 10,000+ iterations are not similarly invalidated. But that isn’t how the Patent Office works, they only invalidate the patents of some under the guise of enhancing patent quality. What that means is the patents of those who threaten the status quo are challenged while patents of market leaders are left intact.