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Vinay Sharma

is an IP professional and a technology consultant with more than a decade of experience in advising global clients on critical aspects of IP strategy, technology/product development, portfolio management, go-to-market strategy, and strategic alliances. He holds a Master’s of Science (Consultancy Management), backed by a B.Tech (Electronics & Communication). Having obtained his Bachelor’s of Law (LL.B), he is also an advocate in addition of being a registered Indian Patent Agent.

He currently works with IDS as a Strategy Consultant. Throughout his career, Vinay has worked on various assignments relating to technology analytics and research, market research, market sizing studies, industry analysis, technology assessment, technology landscape, technology roadmap, technology scouting, monetization, patent-product overlap analysis, out-licensing of technologies and patent valuation.

Recent Articles by Vinay Sharma

3D Printing: Adoptability, Assurance, IP and Consumer Concerns

Conceiving of an idea and then turning that idea into an actual end-product were two distinct processes prior to the era of 3D printing. But thanks to recent advancements in technology, what used to take a number of days can now become a reality with just one click. However, that “single click” involves generating a computer-aided design (CAD) model, creating the required Standard Triangle Language (STL) file, converting it into machine codes, pre-setting the machine for the desired material, and then, finally, printing it.  3D printing is thus as easy as printing a letter on your desk jet printer on the one hand, and as difficult as setting up a lathe machine on your tabletop on the other. Considering all of the variables, the question becomes, is 3D printing adoptable for the average consumer?

Why “Invent in India” would be a better message than “Make in India”

Make in India suggests that India is not empowering the nation to invent more or further but only to serve as a third wheel for other technological giants… India as a nation has a history of a glorious and innovative past. In our mythology, we have a knowledge bank of scientific thoughts related to flying machines, medicinal science and even genetic advancements. However, the current state of scientific and technological affairs is quite grim in India. India has failed to exploit its historical and scientific know-how to its fullest, and that has hampered the growth of the country in terms of its technological advancements.