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Vincenzo Vinciguerra

has a PhD in law and is adjunct professor in Intellectual Property Law (Diritto Industriale) at “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore”, Faculty of Economics, Rome, Italy. He is a member of the Italian bar and he is Counsel at Weblegal law firm with extensive expertise in IP rights, focusing on Trademarks, Designs, Patents and Plants Breeder Rights; he is highly proficient in Court and out-of-court proceedings. He is also a bankruptcy trustee appointed by the court and corporate advisor, and has many publications in the field of IPRs.

Recent Articles by Vincenzo Vinciguerra

The CHAMPANILLO Case Suggests We Need a New Way to Assess the Unique Distinctiveness of Collective PDO/PGI Marks

Under European Union (EU) law—specifically, Article 103(2) of Regulation 1308/2013—signs that qualify as protected designations of origin (PDOs) or protected geographical indications (PGIs) are shielded against any direct or indirect commercial use, as well as against any “evocation” of it that is likely to mislead a consumer as to the true origin of the product. This language raises the question of the conditions under which a sign may be said to be “evocative” of a PDO or PGI.