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Updated February 13, 2019.


We encourage Public Relations Firms to reach out and share industry news with us.

Press Releases:

Has your company or firm had recent promotions or new hires. opened a new location, changed names or updated your brand, had a merger or acquisition, won a major case, launched a new website, had a new product release, published a book or eBook, or have some other news you’d like to share with the IP Community?  IPwatchdog now has a Press Release Page where you can share your News, Press Releases and/or Sponsored Content for $99 per post.  Posts on our Press Release page will be featured in the Press Releases section of our email newsletter within 24 hours of publication and will remain in the newsletter until a total of 5 new Press Releases are published on the Press Release page.

Guest Contributions, News Sources, Interviews:

We generally do not interview contacts unless they are policy makers or industry leaders, but we are always looking to grow our network of guest contributing authors.  If you are a public relations firm and have clients who are willing to write about the cases they participate in, then please send us  information on the potential topic and author.

Additionally, although we have been called a “Blog” for many years, IPWatchdog is far more than a blog.   IPWatchdog is a Media Online Industry Publication similar to an industry Journal where we publish substantive, fact-based intellectual property news. We are always happy to consider guest contributions for publication on IPWatchdog from those with expertise in areas of Intellectual Property.

We have published several hundred guest articles and are increasingly publishing articles from distinguished guest authors.  We welcome writers from all aspects of intellectual property and are currently looking to increase the number of authors covering Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Trade Dress, and Copyrights, as well as any area of business that is relevant to the readers of IPWatchdog.

We do not dictate topics or viewpoint to guest contributors, although we are happy to suggest topics or areas of interest if you would like us to.  Articles will be considered so long as they are topically relevant to our professional audience within the intellectual property industry and must fit within our Guest Contribution Guidelines.

Publication Time Frame

Please note that because we receive many guest contributions in addition to the many article that our authors write daily, we will generally publish guest articles within 7 days of receiving them.  However, publication times may vary and can take up to 2 weeks depending upon the topic of the article as well as what is going on within the industry at the time we receive your guest post.

Guest Contributions, News Source and Interviews Contact:

Eileen McDermott
IPWatchdog Editor-In-Chief
Email her at: editors@IPWatchdog

Press Releases, Advertising and All General Inquiries

Beginning May of 2018, we stopped publishing press releases on IPWatchdog.  However, we now offer the opportunity to publish releases on IPWatchdog for $199 per post.  Press releases published on IPWatchdog will be treated as an article.  Meaning it will initially appear on the home page of among the other most recent articles we publish, it will be a feature in our email newsletter sent out to more than 22,500+ subscribers within 24 hours of being published and will be promoted on all of our social media pages. For more information, please see our Publish Your Press Releases page for details.

IPWatchdog also offers an array of advertising opportunities to Law Firms, Service providers and others with the Intellectual Property Industry.  If this is of interest, please contac us and we can provide you with our current website Site Statistics, including a list of the companies that come to IPWatchdog, as well as our Rate sheet.

Press Releases, Advertising, and All General Contact:

Renee C. Quinn
IPWatchdog Chief Operating Officer
Email her at: admin@IPWatchdog