Cypris Announces the Launch of an Online Patent Marketplace


Cypris announced the launch of an online patent marketplace providing inventors, patent researchers and the general public access to a powerful and innovative search engine & marketplace that will change the face of the IP industry.

Started by a marketing and data analytics specialist, Steve Hafif, Cypris is a tech startup based in New York City, with a solution-based approach to the traditionally-ineffective patent marketplace model. Working with a leading IT development company and backed by a successful seed round of funding, Steve and his team have built Cypris with the goal of offering useful solutions to all stakeholders in the patent ecosystem.

Cypris’ core offering is, an innovative platform that combines a specialized assignee and inventor search engine with a patent marketplace. Cypris combines modern techniques in design, data analytics, and machine learning to present patent listings to relevant potential buyers and licensees. Recently launched, Cypris is currently hosting over 100 patent listings for sale or license from four leading research universities and individual inventors. Over time, Cypris intends to bring additional patent assets from the academic sector to the fore, along with patent listings supplied by leading technology companies and inventors.

Using Cypris’ seamless patent listing search and display interface, patent owners can choose to list their patents for license or sale with ease. In support of those listings, Cypris makes it easy for patent owners to add recent photos & videos, evidence of use, and other relevant offer details. Cypris is actively creating new tools and technologies to support patent owners & researchers with new iterations in the pipeline.

For patent buyers or prospective licensees, Cypris makes it easy to browse listings and contact relevant patent owners. Cypris also supports patent grant monitoring and general patent research, with leading-edge tools available to users to search by assignee & inventor, or investigate deeper categorical filters for quicker and more relevant results.

Cypris also provides weekly custom patent grant and listing monitoring reports to subscribers. In addition to its unique and valuable patent inventory, Cypris’ research tools make the site a must-visit for anyone with patent research needs.

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