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Cypris Launches ‘Insights Dashboard’ Providing R&D Teams With Direct Access to Innovation Data

November 25, 2020

Cypris, the NYC based startup, recently released a dashboard that provides direct access to the USPTO dataset, in an easy to navigate format for non-patent search professionals.

Steve Hafif, Cypris’ founder & CEO explains – ‘If you’re a venture capitalist, & you want to know which startups are working within your core verticals, you can leverage Crunchbase or Pitchbook. But if you’re an R&D manager & you want to know which technologies are being worked on within your field, you have to work with a lawyer or complex IP software. That lag between the data points is disruptive to innovation’.

Cypris’s clean UI makes it seamless for non-patent search professionals to identify active technologies within their field, as well as see visualizations around the data points. Using the dataset, r&d professionals can quickly identify prior art, get inspired by existing technologies, identify commercial partners & more. Uniquely, Cypris also enriches the dashboard with third party datasets like Crunchbase, to increase the peripheral vision of the tool.

Steve explains further, ‘External integrations are important because the patent dataset can sometimes be pretty narrow. If you’re a startup without an IP portfolio, or if you’re a company operating behind trade secrets, you’re considered non-existent according to the USPTO dataset. Enriching the patent data with third-party sources, greatly increases the scope of analysis’

In a few clicks, r&d managers can instantly see technologies, companies, startups & investors within their core technologies field. They can build reports around concepts, share internally & externally through sharing links, update old reports with live data points & more.

The market intelligence dashboard is also affordable, democratizing the data for SMBs that previously had no access through the $20K+/year software that exists today.

By making the data accessible and actionable, the Cypris team believes the path towards innovation will be opened for organizations without large internal r&d & tech scouting capabilities. It also will be a bridge towards a more transparent market, overlapping r&d efforts, investing in existing technologies & increasing IP commercialization rates.

To learn more about how your team can get access to the Insights Dashboard, schedule a demo.

More About Cypris:

Cypris’ core offering is ipcypris.com, an innovative platform that combines an open search engine with a patent marketplace. Cypris combines modern techniques in design and data analytics to present patent listings to relevant potential buyers and licensees. Recently named a top 50 NYC startup to watch in 2020 by BuiltIn, Cypris is currently hosting over 600 listed patents from 7 leading Universities & many independent inventors. Over time the Cypris team intends to build additional nascent tools in order to support patent commercialization.

For any inquiries please reach out to info@ipcypris.com.