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Cypris Launches Services Page, Allowing Brokers, Attorneys & More To Offer Their Services To Patent Owners

April 8, 2020


New York City-based startup, Cypris has launched a unique page on its dynamic platform allowing service providers within the patent space to list their offerings to Cypris’ niche users. Cypris is rapidly becoming the go-to source for patent owners to manage and market their patent opportunities, & they are now looking to the broader market to provide additional value to patent owners.

Cypris’ CEO & Founder Steve Hafif explains, ‘Every day we receive requests to broker transactions, build prototypes & even help with patent filings however that is not our intention. We’d like to focus on the forest while individual companies can focus on the trees. Zillow, the real estate marketplace, presents two options for listers (1) List it yourself (2) Work with a broker. We believe we can implement the same idea on Cypris by opening the platform to the thousands of service providers that exist within the market. Patent owners will be able to list their patents as they’re doing so today, and also have the option to search through brokers, attorneys & more who specialize in their patents field.

We believe we can drive new business for companies within the space, and provide a single forum for patent owners to investigate companies that can help them satisfy their immediate needs.’

More About Cypris;

Cypris’ core offering is ipcypris.com, an innovative platform that combines an open search engine with a patent marketplace. Cypris combines modern techniques in design and data analytics to present patent listings to relevant potential buyers and licensees. Recently named a top 50 NYC startup to watch in 2020 by BuiltIn, Cypris is currently hosting over 600 listed patents from 7 leading Universities & many independent inventors. Over time the Cypris team intends to build additional nascent tools in order to support patent commercialization.

For any inquiries please reach out to info@ipcypris.com.