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Leading Trademark Management System Advances Leading Capabilities

October 13, 2020

<ipw_quote>Helios IP Announces Latest Trademark and Designs Features—And R14 Country Law Update</ipw_quote>

Tampa, October 12, 2020. Helios IP, the innovative SaaS solution for intellectual property management, today announced its latest upgrade focused on enhancements for trademarks and design management.  The system features comprehensive support for global trademark and design portfolios including global docketing, automated workflows, TSDR integration, document management, and robust reporting.  The Helios IP docketing research team has also published release 14 (R14) of DocketEngine, its industry-leading global country law rules.

In introducing the release, Ralph Schroeder, Helios IP’s founder, and CEO, noted, “Helios IP is the first SaaS solution to bring true, seamless integration to IP software and services across all IP asset categories.”   With regard to the release’s focus, Schroeder continued “In this release, we’ve further advanced HeliosComplete’s leading capabilities in trademarks and designs to meet the needs of  our global brand and design clients,” and emphasizing, “unlike competing systems in which trademarks and designs are an afterthought, we’ve been very focused on ensuring full capability for these critical assets.”

Also included in its announcement, the Helios IP DocketEngine™ global docketing rules have been updated to support procedural changes across a range of countries, as well as modified USPTO PAIR and TSDR document codes.  Robin Cali, Helios IP’s Director of Country Law Operations, noted, “in our release 14, we’ve worked closely with our foreign agent network and clients to remain at the forefront of docketing rules.”  With regard specifically to trademarks and designs, Cali said, “our trademark and design ruleset has grown to over 40,000 outcomes in 247 jurisdictions ensuring prosecution and renewals accuracy for any registration our client might file.”

With immediate availability, law firm and corporate IP teams can subscribe to the HeliosComplete 2.0 SaaS solution in either SMB or global portfolio service levels.  More information can be found at www.heliosip.com or via email contact to info@heliosip.com

About Helios IP

Helios IP is the industry’s first true SaaS solution that combines a world-class platform with integrated IP services. With over 20 years of experience, Helios IP works with law firm and corporate IP teams across the full range of IP activities including filing, prosecution, maintenance, and formalities.  The HeliosComplete™ monthly subscription includes full portfolio data, PTO data integration, document management, email, and collaboration. Powered by the DocketEngine global country rules covering more than 250 jurisdictions, 3,500 rules, and 75,000 unique docketing outcomes, plus access to the Helios IP Network of preferred agents for foreign renewals, filing, prosecution, and other formalities services.