PatSeer, a leading Patent research platform, unveils its biggest product update


Simpler, faster, and compelling new interface greatly improves end-user experience and productivity.

Pune, Aug 9, 2021: Gridlogics, a leading IP solutions provider announces its biggest update to the PatSeer patent research platform in recent times. Combining intuitiveness and versatility, the new version includes a redesigned user interface, customizable views, enhanced Alerts, simplified project management capabilities, and many other usability enhancements to make your day-to-day IP search and competitive intelligence workflows simpler.

PatSeer brings together all the tools necessary for IP teams to deliver high-quality researched output and experiences to end-users. With a focus on solving the real-world challenges faced by patent professionals and with more than 1100 users onboarded just in 2021, PatSeer is fast becoming the go-to IP research solution of choice globally.

A few notable enhancements in the current update are:

Cleaner, Faster and Simpler UI

The new interface is more intuitive and convenient for everyday use with faster loading content. The layout is more lucid, with simplified navigation across all the tabs and modules. Split-second loading of search results, drawings, and all associated pages greatly improve the end-user experience.

Customizable Views at each step

In addition to defining your own search results layout, it is now also possible for users to customize how they want to view the various parts of a patent in the full-text view. Simply hide any section that you don’t want to see and arrange the rest of the sections the way you would like to view them via simple drag-drop. Within projects, you can also organize the additional fields such as Categories, Comments, or Custom Fields and see all the relevant information in a single glimpse.

SEP Insights

We have augmented our Standard Essential Patent (SEP) collection with the most relevant SEP charts. Now you can view and generate various insights over SEP technologies, SEP technologies by the company, Standard names, and Standard bodies

Redesigned Projects Management Page

The projects dashboard has been redesigned as a collaboration hub, offering you easy access to your recently accessed or shared projects. You can easily view the recent activity of your colleagues across projects that you are collaborating on. You can also run comparisons and searches across the projects with ease.

Found the updates intriguing enough? Why not test drive the new PatSeer right away to see for yourself! Please sign up here to experience how the new platform can give wings to your patent processes.

About Gridlogics:

Gridlogics is a leading provider of products and custom software solutions for patent research, management, data analysis, and project management. With a fast-growing user base and more than 6000+ active users across 35 countries, PatSeer is becoming a go-to solution for corporations, law firms, service providers, and even technology start-ups. Gridlogics leverages the latest techniques in information retrieval, data mining, and visualizations to help clients globally in deriving actionable intelligence from the masses of patent data.


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