“Qti.ai Canvas” Slated for Thursday, 23 June at 10 AM EDT


Tune in for the very latest trends in brand protection, scam intelligence and advanced threat detection.

Qti.ai is a brand protection agency that identifies unauthorized product content on social media and ecommerce platforms via its proprietary Scam Intelligence algorithm. “Scami“ continuously re-generates pertinent data to proactively detect suspicious sites. We’ve successfully removed fraudulent content from the world’s leading platforms (Alibaba, Amazon, Shopify, Walmart, to name a few), on the basis of Intellectual Property Rights infringement.

Join us on Thursday, 23 June as we share details of our trajectory from our first free trial (Tacky Ugly Christmas Sweaters) to representing one of the most popular Etsy sellers in the United Kingdom (Royale Enamel Ltd). A sampling of other clients: SnakeArts (bronze reptilian sculptures), TurkeyMerck (skull mugs), RevenantFX (zombie gnomes), Clock9nine (automotive-inspired clocks), and TheSawLady (handcrafted metal artwork).

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“We focus on protecting artists and small businesses,” explained Chief Strategist Cheryl Darrup. “We’re building no-cost or low-cost solutions that improve the integrity of ecommerce, for both sellers and consumers.”

For example, consumers may use Qti.ai/scami for no charge, in order to detect the legitimacy of online retailers before placing an order. We analyze the site’s text, images, videos, network host, WhoIs registration, SSL certificate details and several other variables. We log all that info into our database, which helps us build models of scam networks – leading to even more dubious sites. As far as we know, Scami is the first proactive threat intelligence algorithm built specifically for ecommerce stores.

The robust data generated by Qti.ai has attracted the attention of law firms and financial crime investigators around the world.

“Fraud-fighting professionals who ‘follow the money’ of counterfeit syndicates traditionally work with local authorities to raid warehouses throughout Asia and elsewhere,” Darrup continued. “They’re starting to move upstream in the retail experience, when the consumer browses online for the best deal. By identifying suspicious sites with unauthorized / stolen product images on ecommerce platforms, Qti.ai provides investigators with valuable evidentiary data.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from Qti.ai CTO Will Boychuck, who will also share details about upcoming innovations for the company, as well as industry-wide projections.

Media Contact: cheryl@Qti.ai


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