Techson IP & Patent Designs Announce Partnership


Techson IP and Patent Designs Announce Partnership to Provide a More Seamless Patent Prosecution Experience to the F500 and Am Law 200. Two of Texas’ Best Patent Services firms, Techson IP and Patent Designs, will allow its customers to now order complimentary services with a single interaction.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, October 7, 2021, Techson IP and Patent Designs have teamed to provide accelerated patent prosecution services for their clients by offering each other’s unique patent services. Whether you are in-house counsel, outside counsel, a corporation, or a solo inventor you can now order both your patent drawing services and your patentability/novelty searches from either company.

Richard Kirkpatrick is the founder and CEO of Patent Designs: “This partnership was an easy one to make; our clients are always looking to streamline their procurement of patent services and partnering with Techson was the obvious choice,” he commented. “Also, with both of our companies founded and headquartered here in Texas, we also share the same values – the customer experience comes first.”

Customers who require patent drawing services invariably also require patentability or novelty research—two services that require very different technology and sets of expertise. This partnership now allows clients to provision each discrete service with the same order workflow they have been accustomed to from both providers.  This integration will save customers time and money with a streamlined ordering and delivery approach.

“We are delighted to partner with Richard and his team in integrating our respective services,” comments Luke Barbin, Founder & CEO of Techson. “This partnership allows customers to initiate the procurement of two typically disparate outsourced services at once: high-quality patent drawings and novelty screening.  Through this partnership, practitioners will be able to develop strong disclosures, more informed claims, and meaningful Information Disclosure Statements in one step before filing.”

About Patent Designs:

Patent Designs has been operating as a drafting service in the IP industry for over 25 years. We are a well-organized and well-trained team that understands the needs of our clients and we take pride in our ability to assist anyone from the solo inventor to the large firm practitioner. We wish to be at the forefront of the patent drawing industry through high-impact, precise patent drawings; backed by knowledge, experience, and customer/client loyalty. To learn more visit or contact Patent Designs at:

About Techson IP:

Founded in 2015 in Austin, Texas by IP attorneys, research experts, and technologists. We are a patent and intellectual property strategy consulting firm with experiential roots in patent transactions, patent research, and building technology automation that provides us with a competitive advantage in IP.  Techson’s founders and executives have worked with and for the world’s largest patent owners and law firms. Techson’s researchers have conducted more than 20,000 research projects, and its 150+ clients include Fortune 500/Global 2000 corporations and Am Law 100 law firms.  Its principals have also supported over $200 million in patent transactions and helped companies secure tens of millions in private equity and venture capital investments. To learn more visit or contact Techson at:


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