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Is being called a ‘patent troll’ defamatory? NH inventor files suit against banking industry to find out

In a New Hampshire State Superior Court, this so-called 'patent troll' has decided to fight back. Automated Transactions and Dave Barcelou have filed a defamation complaint against …
By Steve Brachmann
4 years ago 23

American innovation has been fueled by immigrant inventors

Without immigrants and the influx of knowledge brought by them to our country’s shores, American innovation and the overall economy would look nothing like it does …
By Steve Brachmann
6 years ago 2

Financial Innovation: From Smarter ATMs to Investing Casino Winnings

Today, we thought that we would spend some time scoping out a wider breadth of invention from entities outside of the two banking giants which typically earn …
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 0

Innovation Focus: Financial Sector Giants Like Patents Too

Rather than profile a single company we looked at patents and patent applications from the likes of Bank of America, American Express, Capital One and more. Our …
By Steve Brachmann
8 years ago 0

Bank of America Seeks Patent on ATM with a USB Port

Our featured patent application today discusses the operation of an automatic teller machine, or ATM, that includes a universal serial bus (USB) port. This USB port would …
By Steve Brachmann
8 years ago 5

ATM Advertising Patented by Diebold

You can file this under the “just what we needed” category.  Yes, more advertising will be thrust upon us as it seems thanks to Diebold, Incorporated, who …
By Gene Quinn
13 years ago 1