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IPW Webinar: Sponsored By Barash Law

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IPW Webinar: Crystalline/Solid Form Patents in the Life Sciences: Issues in Prosecution and Litigation

In December of 2020, IPWatchdog hosted a webinar discussing the use of and interest in solid-form patents in the pharmaceutical industry. There were many questions during the webinar, and many follow-up inquiries on the “nuts and bolts” of these patents. Issues including prosecution, claim drafting, novelty, obviousness, enablement, non-species claims in a crystalline-form context, claim interpretation and proving infringement. Join…

IPW Webinar: Drug Repositioning and Lifecycle Management: A Solid-Form Patent Strategy

The solid-state structure of an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) can profoundly affect its properties.  Consider, for example, drug delivery.  In order for an orally dosed medicament to have biological efficacy, it must release the API in vivo for transport to the target.  If the solubility of the API is too low, there will be insufficient API for efficacy.  If the…