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Centuries of Innovation in Barbecue and Grilling Develop a Distinctly American Flavor

Summer holidays bring out the largest number of barbecue fanatics and the three top holidays for grilling are the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. With this in mind, and with summer rapidly coming to a close, we thought it would make sense to take a look at the evolution of BBQ technologies… There is a difference between barbecue and grilling and even though it’s not unusual to hear the term “barbecue grill” used, it is technically a misnomer. Traditional barbecue involves a low-and-slow heating process which is suitable for tougher cuts of meat like flank or brisket because it breaks down the meat’s connective tissue, making it incredibly tender and easy to break apart. The “fall off the bone” ribs that barbecue fanatics seek out come from the low-and-slow approach, which usually takes hours. Grilling puts meat much closer to the heat source and most burgers can be cooked on a grill in 10 minutes or less.

Whirlpool Appliances Detect Biometric Characteristics of the User

Featuring one patent application that may provide an incredible improvement to computer control systems on home appliances. This application would protect a system of analyzing user characteristics to determine the individual’s identity and bring up a personalized interface. Other patent applications have been filed for a kitchen composting device, a garbage disposal that allows for under-sink waste removal and a couple of improvements to dishwasher systems. The issued patents held by Whirlpool are also of great interest in this series, and we’ve found a couple that will intrigue scores of consumers. Whirlpool now owns the legal right to protect a dishwasher system with a display that allows a user to program the start and stop times for wash cycles. Another issued patent protects a grill cooking grate that is more effective at distributing heat when cooking. We also have a trio of patents related to innovative improvements to refrigerators, especially for flavor additives in water dispensers.

Fun in the Sun Patent Style: BBQ Patents

Today at IPWatchdog, we’re taking a closer look at some recent innovations to barbecue cooking. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published a number of patent applications, and has issued many patents, dealing with improvements to methods of slow cooking meat. For issued patents, the USPTO has recently decided to award legal protections to a Nebraskan inventor who has devised a power drill attachment useful for shredding, or “pulling,” meats. A second patent we feature here protects an apparatus that allows grill owners to easier clean a grill grate without wearing out arm muscles through repetitive motion or getting liquid cleansers all over their bodies.