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Centuries of Innovation in Barbecue and Grilling Develop a Distinctly American Flavor

Summer holidays bring out the largest number of barbecue fanatics and the three top holidays for grilling are the 4th of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day. …
By Steve Brachmann
1 year ago 9

Whirlpool Appliances Detect Biometric Characteristics of the User

Featuring one patent application that may provide an incredible improvement to computer control systems on home appliances. This application would protect a system of analyzing user characteristics …
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 0

Fun in the Sun Patent Style: BBQ Patents

Today at IPWatchdog, we’re taking a closer look at some recent innovations to barbecue cooking. The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has published a number of …
By Steve Brachmann
8 years ago 1