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Beijing’s IP Court Now Requiring Evidence Supporting Power of Signatories on Corporate Documents

In the People’s Republic of China, the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) administers the registration of trademarks for entities seeking to sell goods or services within the country. Trademark applicants who are dissatisfied with an adverse decision at the CNIPA’s Trademark Office can ultimately appeal the decision to the specialized intellectual property court in Beijing, which has exclusive jurisdiction over appeals of CNIPA trademark actions. However, recent analysis from IP professionals working in China has revealed that foreign companies, especially U.S. corporations, now face heightened requirements for submitting legal documents required when appealing Trademark Office decisions to Beijing’s IP court.

Other Barks & Bites: IP News to Watch, January 25, 2019

Today marks the return of our Other Barks & Bites feature, which will profile a collection of news headlines from around the IP world and across practice areas every Friday. This week, the patent spat between Apple and Qualcomm heats up at the PTAB; China’s intellectual property court at Beijing shows signs of heightened requirements in trademark appeals for foreign entities; and the European Union delays debate on copyright reforms that would affect major tech firms that aggregate news and videos online.