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IPW Webinar: Saving Money on Patent Prosecution: How Data-driven Modeling Lets You Cut With a Scalpel

Securing a patent in 2021 is a tough job. Courts continue to ask for more disclosure and better claims, and that’s when they aren’t moving the goal posts on patent practitioners. Meanwhile, clients demand flat fee billing and want to pay less every year. But what if there were a way for you to work with clients to show them…

IP Portfolio Managers need to shift from IP-centric to business-centric strategies

Instead of following the same IP plan year after year, IP managers should focus their strategy on aligning their IP with their business, including developing a more concise IP plan, and switch to using smarter and modern analytics… IP managers must: (1) Start with the end in mind: IP is the business; (2) Build a plan, measure and manage and continuous improvement; and (3) Create an environment where your IP and business execs have access to timely actionable intelligence to support their decisions and strategies.