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Webinar: How to Navigate the Risks of SEP Licensing and SEP Litigation – Sponsored by IPlytics

Connectivity technology will not only connect smartphones, tablets and computers but every device or object across many industry verticals linking other vehicles, trucks, traffic lights, machines, TVs, smart metres or medical devices. Technology standards such as 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, HEVC, VVC and many more will enable connectivity that heavily relies on standards subject to standard essential patents (SEPs). SEP-related global…

IPW Webinar: Tips & Tricks for Bringing Actionable IP Intelligence into the Boardroom

Gone are the days when businesses made tough decisions based on anecdotes and gut feelings. Right now, decisions need to be based on data and hard facts.  The estimated total sum of data held in online storage between Google, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook alone is an astonishing 1.2 million terabytes. Some estimates place the amount of data on the Internet…

IPW Webinar – Increased Liability & Trade Secret Theft Risk During a Downturn Economy

We are in the midst of a very challenging and disruptive global economic climate brought about by the COVID-19 virus situation which is affecting every industry worldwide.  With this economic downturn, certain IP risks become more pronounced, the first of which is a higher risk of IP litigation as operating companies seek to supplant revenue shortfalls and as non-practicing entities…

Center for IP Understanding partners with Michelson 20MM Foundation for November’s IP Awareness Summit in Chicago

On November 6th, the Center for Intellectual Property Understanding (CIPU) will host the Intellectual Property Awareness Summit (IPAS) at the Chicago-Kent College of Law (CKCL). The conference is the first of its kind which seeks to bring together IP thought leaders from various sectors including business, academia, government and other organizations to address a lack of IP understanding among certain audiences in the realms of copyright, trade secrets, trademarks and patents.

‘Uber-izing’ the IP Function

Welcome to the brave new corporate IP function of tomorrow, one that’s been “Uber-ized” to tap into powerful on-demand networks of patent, technical, and market expertise that can enable savvy IP leaders to supercharge their IP monetization efforts. In this new world, IP is merely the latest business function to discover that crowdsourced networks of expertise can often produce better, faster, and cheaper results.