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As cannabis patent filings increase, are food and beverage companies positioned to benefit?

Early protection of intellectual property rights is a critical component in any business’ efforts to secure a competitive advantage in the marketplace. A recent report has found …
By Paul Bremmer
3 years ago 0

Federal Circuit Finds TTAB Erred In Determining Genericnessof Coca-Cola’s ZERO Trademarks

On Wednesday, June 30th, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a decision in Royal Crown Company, Inc., et. al. v. The Coca-Cola Company which …
By Steve Brachmann
3 years ago 7

A TWIST in the tale: Not your typical cola war

This case was not your typical “cola war”, but rather involved TWIST, the well-known carbonated beverage brand which has been available in South Africa since the 1970s (…
By Kelly Thompson
4 years ago 0

Coca-Cola’s Patents: From Juice Dispensers to Artificially Sweetened Cereals

Coca-Cola is a company that has a focus on innovation that goes beyond the ability to create better tasting sodas or carbonated beverages. For example, Coke is …
By Steve Brachmann
7 years ago 0

Vault with Coca-Cola Trade Secret Formula on Public Display

Can you imagine the security employed in transferring the trade secret from the SunTrust Bank vault to the vault at the World of Coca-Cola? The Coca-Cola formula …
By Gene Quinn
10 years ago 9

How Industry Giants Like Apple, Inc & Others Use Social Media

Those of you who follow IPWatchdog, know that my passion is Brand Development, Brand Building, and Online Marketing using social media. I try to educate our readers …
By Renee C. Quinn
10 years ago 5

Brand Identity: Protecting Against Negative Good Will

from the business perspective when you are building a trademark or trademark portfolio it is really the good will that will define the value of the trademark. …
By Gene Quinn
11 years ago 8