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Companies Don’t Accept Confidential Submission of Ideas or Inventions

As you review the statements below, all of which were publicly available on the Internet when I found them, I think what you will find is that …
By Gene Quinn
12 years ago 0

Don’t Get A Patent? Plainly Ridiculous!

Increasingly on the Internet invention advertising is taking an odd and seemingly inexplicable turn toward advising independent inventors to not seek patent protection, which is undeniably bad …
By Gene Quinn
13 years ago 5

Confidentiality After Filing a Patent

I am frequently asked whether it is necessary to get a confidentiality agreement signed after a patent application has been filed.  As with many legal matters, the …
By Gene Quinn
13 years ago 1

What is a Confidentiality Agreement?

A Confidentiality Agreement, which is also known as non-disclosure agreement or NDA, is simply a contract between two or more parties where the subject of the agreement …
By Gene Quinn
14 years ago 1