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NASA Tech in Your Life, From Hair Care to Coffee Makers to Baby Formula

NASA recently launched a new version of its Home & City website featuring a redesigned, interactive interface designed to give users a sense of the scope of technologies originally developed by NASA which they encounter in their lives, sometimes on a daily basis. According to Derek Wang, NASA’s public outreach manager for the Space Technology Mission Directorate, the approximately 130 technologies included in the Home & City website is less than one percent of the thousands of technologies which NASA has developed and then spun-off to commercial partners.

The first ever CES Asia highlights growing consumer base in China

The first ever CES Asia took place between May 25th and 27th in Shanghai, China. The inaugural industry event showcased the many different technologies that will be entering China’s consumer market in the coming months and years. The three-day exposition was the first Chinese technology trade show coordinated with the Consumer Electronics Association since 2012. More than 200 companies came from 15 countries to display emerging consumer technologies from knockoff versions of Google Glass to home cinema technologies. The forecasts for the Chinese consumer market for emerging technologies would give any technology developer reason to believe that nothing but fair weather awaits them in that country.

Best Buy quarterly earnings show signs of life for brick-and-mortar retail

Best Buy Co. recently released its financial earnings report for the first quarter of FY2015, which shows signs of life for the brick-and-mortar consumer electronics retailer. Indeed, financial analysts were stunned to see that Best Buy’s adjusted earnings from continuing operations actually rose from 35 cents per share in 2014’s first quarter to 37 cents per share; earnings estimates expected that figure to drop to 29 cents per share. Best Buy also posted a year-over-year increase in domestic revenues of about $100 million, an incredible feat during a year in which e-commerce continued to increase its take to 7 percent of all American retail sales.

P&G innovation focusing on personal care and home products

In recent weeks patents issued to P&G include a couple protecting perfumed goods, including a body wash composition with enhanced skin perfuming qualities. Another patent protects a home network for gathering useful data from consumer goods. We also explore a patent directed at a handheld hair dryer which has multiple grips for a more ergonomic design. Patent applications filed by P&G indicate the most recent research and development activities in which this company is engaged and hair care was also quite prominent. We were especially intrigued by one innovation for superimposing potential hairstyles over the captured image of a person’s head as a hairstyle consultation tool. Another patent application involves a method of analyzing behavioral data regarding itching to determine the healthiness of an individual’s scalp. We also explore a patent application which claims a portable air filtration device for removing airborne contaminants from a space.

Mobile Devices and Wireless Innovations Dominate Qualcomm Patent Efforts

Neighborhood-aware networks, which can provide digital services to many homes within the same neighborhood, are the focus of a few filings. Qualcomm is also seeking to protect both an electronic scale with conversion table software and a pair of headphones with a novel technique for overcoming popping and clicking noises when plugging the headphone connector into an audio port. The strength of Qualcomm’s patent portfolio is a major reason why this company is so successful internationally. Most of the patents recently issued to this corporation protect various mobile device innovations, including the use of an inclinometer to detect the incline of a device display and adjusting the way an image is rendered to improve the view relative to the incline. Gesture-based financial transaction completed across mobile devices, as well as methods of providing location information on indoor environments, have also been protected for Qualcomm through patents issued over the past few weeks.

InventionHome Extends Deadline to Submit Inventions for DRTV Summit

The DRTV Product Summit is a one-day event that will be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Inventors will be given the opportunity to pitch their products to representatives of the six (6) DRTV companies on one day in one location. The event is not open to all inventors. Over the past few years the event has grown and there has been significant interest in the inventor community. In order to be considered inventors must submit their inventions to be reviewed by a panel of referees. Thanks to an extended deadline, submissions are now due no later than Friday, October 3, 2014.

Call for Inventions for DRTV Product Summit Presented by InventionHome

While the DRTV Product Summit is geared toward inventors with largely plug and play products, it is still nevertheless aimed at giving everyday inventors an opportunity. The major benefit to inventors selected is that they can present to serious companies that are looking for new products in one day in one location. The deadline for submissions has to be weeks in advance of the event so that proper time can be spent vetting the inventions and inviting the inventors. No guarantee of consideration can be extended to those who submit after September 30, 2014.

Procter & Gamble: An Innovator Who Needs Patents

We begin with an extended look at one patent application development to comply with strict guidelines in the field of disinfecting solutions for public health concerns. Procter & Gamble has developed a cleaning solution designed to meet tough standards in the field of sanitation developed by the European Union. Products for incontinence and tooth whitening, along with some aesthetic improvements to sanitary paper products, are at the core of a few other patent applications that we noticed. Interestingly enough, in light of the above article from The Hill, we found a patent recently issued to P&G from the USPTO that protects a chemical test kit meant to determine the authenticity of consumer products. It would allow a manufacturer to determine that a counterfeit is being sold under a brand’s name. Other issued patents include a couple protecting methods of improving taste and odor in an array of home and personal care products from toothpastes to heated air wicks.