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IPW Webinar: Journey to IP Operations Excellence: Digital Transformation and Best Practices

A well-functioning Operations Team brings people, processes and technology together, connecting the dots in a well-coordinated orchestra. To accomplish this coordination, you need your Operations Team to …
By Renee C. Quinn
5 months ago 0

The New Standard: Licensing Scenarios and Patented Technologies Relevant to Versatile Video Coding

Versatile video coding (VVC), also known as Future Video Coding (FVC) or H.266, is a video compression standard that was released on July 6 and is being positioned …
By Subodh Thali
10 months ago 0

Don’t Miss the Big Picture: What Companies Get Wrong When It Comes to IP Strategies

Yesterday’s IPWatchdog webinar, “How to Evolve Your IP Strategy Over Time,” focused on the trouble companies—both large and small—can run into when they don’…
By Eileen McDermott
2 years ago 1

The Unlikely Partnership Between CPA Global and Innography

Last month CPA Global announced the acquisition of the Austin, Texas based search and analytics software provider Innography. While some in the industry have been quick to …
By Gene Quinn
5 years ago 1