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Innovation Ecosystems Keynote: The Common Thread

Join us on April 28 at 3PM ET for our final keynote discussion that will bring together the themes of the previous sessions and focus on the threads …
By Gene Quinn
5 months ago 0

Innovation Ecosystem: A Creative Community

Join us for a discussion on the ecosystem for creativity that enables investment in the skills development, human capital and technology base leading to world-class creative products …
By Gene Quinn
5 months ago 0

Northern Florida District Judge Decides That Dentist’s Copyright Claims Have No Bite

On June 20th, U.S. District Judge Mark Walker of the Northern District of Florida issued an order on summary judgment which terminated Pohl v. Officite, a …
By Steve Brachmann
3 years ago 1

Strong IP protection provides inventors and creators the economic freedom to create

Critics argue that intellectual property is bad for innovation in part because it allows for “monopolies” that prevent the public from using certain creations without permission for …
By Terrica Carrington
6 years ago 1